LRG Summer 2015 “Capture Land” Lookbook featuring Chronixx

The Cali Brand, LRG traveled to Jamaica to visit Chronixx and work on some projects together, including, Capture Land, a look book featuring the LRG Summer 2015 Collection.

Chronixx debut EP, Dread & Terrible, was released April 2014. Since then, his rise to international stardom has made considerable headway. To shoot the look book, Chronixx, Teflon, Shaydz, and Jahkime took us to Orange Street’s Rockers International, a record store founded almost 40 years ago by reggae legend Augustus Pablo. His son, Addis, was kind enough to let us in to spend an afternoon listening to classic reggae music on old 45s.

They also took pictures at 41 Fleet Street, where artists have revived a formerly downtrodden area of Kingston and turned it into a community gathering place. In and around the Orange and Fleet Street neighborhoods, friendly and familiar faces welcomed us into their yards and houses to converse, take pictures, and escape the fierce tropical Sun. The collection includes tanks, T-shirts and button-ups. Visit Chronixx website for more info about his project, and head LRG for grab your piece of the collection.


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