Menace has release its Delivery 1 Spring 2015 collection, inspired by the early days of Rap/Hip-hop as well as the early days of street-wear, the collection was taken as a time-capsule of sorts. The “Better Dayz” tee comments on the highly-circulated opinion that the artists and music coming out at the early stages of rap/hip-hop were a lot better than the artists and music being put out now. From the year 1990 – 2004 was the time-frame used because this was when artists were still refraining from going mainstream and making pop records and kept it real, also because every artist included on the piece released an album that fit this mentality during that time-frame. This one has done really good, almost selling out. The next pieces we have are the N.W.A. pieces which were primarily made to pay homage to one of the best groups to come out of the West. The saying “FUCK AROUND AND GET SMOKED” exemplifies the brash and in-your-face attitude that N.W.A. presented. The Unsung Hero tee was inspired by the fact that the people you see pushing the ice cream carts or selling roses on the street are always out there hustling trying to provide for their families, and they do it no matter what the conditions.

“I felt this had to be recognized somehow because you just have to admire and respect the perseverance and hustle of people willing to do whatever it takes to make ends meat.Lastly we have our main piece, our Street Veteran bomber jacket. We really took our time in creating this piece, and the trick was to create something that was high-end and high-quality but still keep it street.”

The Spring 2015 collection also features the MA-1 bomber jacket. The “Street Veteran” bomber jacket features a fully reversible Orange lining, ribbed collar, 100% Nylon water repellent outer shell, Poly fiberfill lining and 4 front slash pockets. High quality embroidery is used for the flag patch on the right arm, the “MENACE” war ribbon located on the left chest, and “Street Veteran” war ribbon that embellishes the back of the jacket. it was deconstructed to allow for seamless embroidery so no embroidery lining will be shown through to the reversible-Orange side, allowing you to be able to functionally wear the bomber jacket which ever way you see fit. The collection is now available at Menace and make sure to reserve your piece of the “Street Veteran” bomber jacket which is available for pre-order”. Most of them are selling out.

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