MENACE Summer 2015 Collection

California street wear brand Menace has unveiled their Summer 2015 collection with a stunning lookbook. The collection is Inspired by the “sex, drugs, & rock n’ roll” era of the 60’s-70’s, Summer 2015 touches on multiple subjects that coincide with the time. Sex, drugs, and the rebellious counterculture were the lasting impressions left by the 60’s-70’s. This rebellious spirit was only pushed forward by being endorsed by the rock n’ roll rock-stars of that time and America has never really shaken off the effects. The “fuck authority” attitude, recreational drug use, and free-spirited/open-minded attitudes in the youth are still prevalent. The 60’s-70’s were a time of self-fulfillment and most importantly they gave birth to multiple outlets of creativity and leisure. This was our homage to a time of sex-crazed & drug-induced dreamers and rebellious spirits alike. The collection can be found the brand’s online store.

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