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What makes Pixspec Visual Production unique?

Our team is made up of passionate individuals who are talented and skilled in their work. Our team communicates with clients every step of the way from the first introduction to anything else after.

We keep our team small to allow the best experience and consistency. This allows for intimacy with each project which ensures quality and attention to detail at every stage.


Four Steps for Completement

This is the foundation of every project where the scope of work, budget and all necessary items are determined.
We begin with a strong concept. We love working with clients who’ve got ideas they want to share. We design out the storyboards, look for locations, and find talented cast for the project.
During this period, we work with you and the other talents to create and bring things to reality. We work within the allotted number of production days, crew size, and cameras and equipment determined during the idea state.
Finally, we bring things to life by editing, color grading, and sound mixing for the final film. Here’s where we combine all the works done in the previous steps and give a meaning to your story.

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